Malwarebytes programerrorupdating 2 0 createfile

For now until they change this flaw it's only getting 2 stars I just downloaded the app yesterday, and honestly I was overwhelmed at first.

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Please report this issue to our support team (include the content of all error message(s) and code(s) in your submission).Ldr Unload Dll 7C91718B 5 Bytes JMP 00AA000A C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtsvc.exe[348] ntdll.dll!Ldr Unload Dll 7C91718B 5 Bytes JMP 00A5000A C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe[668] ntdll.dll!At the age of eight, she was cast in the milk advertisement.Ldr Load Dll 7C9161CA 5 Bytes JMP 00A9000A C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared.0\Shared COM\Rox Watch9.exe[180] ntdll.dll!

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